About Chrisse

Hi Loves!

I'd like to introduce myself as Crystal, best known as Chrisse (Chris-Ee)! I cannot thank you enough for visiting my baby/brainchild xoChrisse.com. It's been five amazing years and counting..

I'm originally from beautiful Miami, Florida but I'm currently living in Atlanta, Georgia (and loving it). I just turned twenty-eight in July 2018 so I'm legit trying to milk every bit of my twenties that I have left.

Fashion & Beauty have interested me since I couldn't spell either word and my passion for the two have only grown as I get older; so I love sharing my outfits, hair/make-up tips, and sprinkling in bits and pieces of my life.

Growing up I was a competitive cheerleader (explains my being all of 5 feet tall) with a sassy spirit, who LOVED being in front of a camera. At eight years old I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be a news reporter and so, nine years later I majored in TV Production in college. With age came wisdom and once I figured out that being a news reporter consisted of being the bearer of bad news and becoming BFF's with hurricanes (Florida weather for ya) I decided that I (and my voice) was of much better use behind the camera.

When I was nineteen I got an internship on a little show you may have heard of called Kourtney & Khloe (Kardashian) Take Miami (Yes, I was SERIOUSLY freaking out) and over the years I have worked my way up to being a full fledged Producer. I've been incredibly blessed to work on many shows that have defined (fortunately & unfortunately) my generation including Jersey Shore, Basketball Wives, Biggest Loser, Little Women: Atlanta, Siesta Key, and Bad Girls Club to name a few. Be sure to keep an eye out when the edits roll on your favorite shows and just might see my name ;)

I pray that through xoChrisse.com I am able to inspire and reach people who I wouldn't be able to impact otherwise and build something that will last. Don't be afraid to email me, leave a comment, or send requests, it's ALL love!
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