Back Like I Never Left!

February 26, 2015

Hi Loves!

Have you guys missed me as much as I've missed you?!
I cannot tell you how happy I am to jump back into blogging and reconnecting with all of you!  My 6 week hiatus wasn't planned (I'll explain below) but I feel so much better now.
Before I catch you all up, I just want to emphasis how important it is to "listen" to your body. If something doesn't feel right or you notice a negative change, PLEASE go and and get it checked out. You'll be relieved whether it's nothing or if you catch something before it gets worse.


In the wee hours of the morning in January I went to the restroom to pee and as I went back into bed I could barely get in because I suddenly felt the worst pressure/pain from my stomach all the way through to my bottom.. The best way I can describe the pain was cramps mixed with dinosaur kicks to the stomach. When my menstrual cycle comes every month I get extremely HORRIBLE cramps so I wrote it off as that and attempted to sleep it off (around 2:30 A.M.). About an hour later I woke up in the beginning stages of throwing up and could barely move because the pain was so bad.. I got out of bed and literally crawled to the bathroom so I could soak in some hot water and hopefully dull the pain to a manageable level (On a scale of 1-10, I was at a 10). After soaking for thirty minutes I decided I would take some aspirin and try to sleep it off again but as I got out of the tub I noticed my lower abdomen was swollen (I looked 3-4 months pregnant). That was when I really started to panic and realized it was more than just cramps, so I woke up my Mother and told her that she had to take me the emergency room immediately. At this point I couldn't stand up straight or take two steps without getting dizzy.

When I got to the hospital, I had a bad case of the shakes and the pain on a scale of 1-10 was at a 15+. I was checked into the E.R. immediately (5 A.M. -ish) and I passed out twice before the doctor came to see me because my body couldn't physically handle the pain. The worst part was waiting for my blood and urine tests to come back before I could get anything stronger than Tylenol to feel better. Once the tests came back negative for pregnancy, duh, I was finally given the good stuff and got some rest.  After being probed, prodded, and scanned, my doctor informed me that I had a large cyst on my right Ovary and not only had it ruptured but it also caused blood vessels in the area to burst so there was internal bleeding as well. Shortly after that I was admitted into the hospital and placed in the ICU for close observation (10 A.M -ish). Usually with ruptured cysts and my case of internal bleeding, the body is able to observe everything so surgery isn't needed unless the condition worsens. I can't tell you all how miserable I was between not being allowed to eat and getting my blood drawn every hour, I was over it. Throughout the day my blood pressure started to drop really really low (70/30 , the norm is around 115/70), as well as, the hemoglobin levels in my blood so my doctor decided to give me a blood transfusion in the hopes of regulating my levels.

After the blood transfusion, I was monitored for another 24 hours and finally got transferred from the ICU to the regular floor. I was so excited to finally eat food and closer to going home but I still had to get my blood drawn every 2 hours to make sure my levels didn't decline again. Finally, on Sunday afternoon I was able to go home!! My doctor put me on bed rest for two weeks along with prescribing some pain medication and told me to take easy even after that.

Now back to the present..

I am good to go, I've had my follow up appointment and I am back to my regularly scheduled program. I know some may think blogging is easy and doesn't take much effort but I could barely muster up the energy to brush my hair or put on make up. I don't do anything half ass so I wanted to take the time to be ready to get back into blogging for reals. I still don't know what exactly caused the cyst to rupture but the medical staff were shocked that I didn't have any symptoms until a few hours before going into the E.R.

Thank you all so much for understanding, I'm excited to bring you all fresh content!

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