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November 11, 2014

Hi Loves!

I have been on a roller coaster of emotions the past few days and finally the ride has stopped!

I figured I'd write about it because I'm sure I'm not the only Blogger this has happened to, and hopefully my solutions and advice will help others too.

What are some of your #BloggerProblems? Comment your advice and share your stories below :)

Problem 1 | Broken Images

 If you've been following my blog for a while, you would know I originally started xo, Chrisse through the hosting site WordPress. In June, I transferred my entire site and all of it's contents over to Blogger and haven't looked back since, but boyyy I should have. What I didn't realize or take the time to think about is the fact that all of the images on the blog posts before I transferred over were also hosted though WordPress so I went through to my initial blog posts and I was SHOCKED to see that there was just writing and NO images. In the images' place (see above) was a tiny image with a rip through it. How embarrassing. The worst part is some of the posts were very popular posts that thousands of people have visited and probably thought I was nuts or neglectful to my blog :( Anywho, I had to go through every single post before the big move and ended up having to delete about twenty posts. I was seriously heartbroken.

Problem 2 | Auto Save

I have always been a fan of auto save because should your computer shut down or whatever circumstances come up and you haven't taken the time to save, it automatically does it so you don't lose all of your work. After my broken image problem, I was going through each post to see what could be salvaged and what couldn't be so I opened Miami Fashion Week '14 Day Three which happens to be my 3rd most popular post. I was trying to move a picture around, ended up hating how it look so I pressed Ctrl+Z, and (BOOM!) the entire post goes blank. Before I could even figure out what in the heck happened, Blogger auto-saved the EMPTY post and I swear I almost burst into tears. What sucks is Blogger doesn't have a revert to old draft option so once it saves something new, whatever was there before cannot be recovered. 

So I moped around for 3 days mourning the loss of my post because it was LONG and chuck full of pictures that I had no way of recreating. Where there's a problem, there's a solution on Google. After hours of looking through options to fix my flub up, I finally found one! What I did was Google the exact blog post by name and instead of clicking the link, I clicked the 'cached' link instead and there it was.. a SCREENSHOT of the post in all of it's beautiful glory! (I happy danced so hard I broke into a sweat.) So all I had to was copy & paste all the text back over, and saved the photos to my computer so I could import them into my blog.

Problem 3 | Outdated Posts

So of course with everyday that passes a post gets older, right? I've never went back and edited them, update them, or restructure the tags to optimize views so the posts don't die. I am just figuring all of this out. I've updated my post format and signature about four times so a lot of my old posts looked very out of date and not at all in uniform. Two days later I am finally done updating all of my old posts so they look and sound like the new posts.

Needless to say, I am wiped out! Every Blogger knows how much time and dedication goes into every post so when something goes wrong or gets deleted you seriously feel like the only thing worse than can happen is the world ending because your '15 Veteran's Day Sales You Can't Miss' post took three days of research besides the hours it took to draft and now it's gone. Anyone else feel my pain?

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