Last Minute "Kind Of" Costumes for Guys

October 31, 2014

Hi Loves!

It was brought to my attention that I haven't posted any Male-friendly Halloween suggestions, so I present.. Last Minute "Kind Of" Costumes for Guys. I say "Kind Of" because most guys aren't too keen on going full out for Halloween. These suggestions take slight effort, little coin, and a lot of items that are already (or should be) in your closet.

Michael Jackson | Thriller

-Be prepared for complete strangers screaming "Thrillaaaaa" or breaking out into the dance-

This is more of a full out costume, but not really because you're wearing regular clothes.

Deets: Red leather jacket**, red skinny or slim fit jeans, white socks, and black loafers.

** If you find a plain red leather jacket, you can use black duct tape or electrical tape to create the lines in MJ's jacket. If you can't find a red leather jacket, get a black one, place tape where the black lines on MJ's jacket are, and spray paint the exposed areas red.. remove the tape when you're done and VOILA!

Your best bet at finding these items is H&M, Forever 21, or Zara.

Clark Kent | Superman

-I bet you'll get asked by many women to "save" them-

The coolest "Kind Of" costume ever. 

Details: Clear glasses, Superman t-shirt, open button-up shirt, undone tie, blazer, a belt, and slacks.
Hot Topic or Spencer's have more Superman shirts than they know what to do with.


-"And I walk down the street and I bop to the beat, with Lee on my legs and Adidas on my feet"-

Because who isn't a Run DMC fan?

Deets: Adidas track suit, white shell toe Adidas sneakers, a Kangol bucket hat, a thick gold chain, and a pair of clear glasses. You should probably brush up on your Run DMC lyrics too..

Since Adidas is on the come up again, you can get these items at any Adidas store.

Sonny & Rico | Miami Vice

-Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?-

This is perfect for the 80's babies!

Deets: White or vibrant color suit, a t-shirt, and a pair of loafers. Really bring that costume together with a beeper or a thick old school cell phone.

You can find this outfit at any thrift store for under $20 or Burlington Coat Factory.

Baseball Player | San Francisco Giants

-If you find a girl who knows they just won World Series & what city the Giants are in, KEEP HER-

The Giants just won the World Series so there is no time like the present to break out your jersey and cleats!

Deets: Favorite teams' Baseball jersey, Gloves, Baseball cap, Baseball pants, and cleats. Finish it off with some chewing tobacco and a thick line under each eye.

Sport's Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods have all that you'll need.


-Girl's will ask you to bite them all night.. You're welcome-

The Quickest & Easiest Costume!

Deets: Dress in all black, put a little white pain on your face to appear pale, get a set of fangs, and put drops of fake blood on both sides of your mouth.

You can get the paint, fangs, and fake blood at any Party City or Halloween store.

Mitch Buchannon | Baywatch

-I guarantee you will get your abs rubbed on more than once-

This is for the guys who love to show off all that hard work in the gym.

Deets: Red pair of swim trunks, a whistle, a flotation device and you're good to go.

Sports Authority, Ross, or even Walmart should have all of these items.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

-You'll lose track of how many times you hear "Innn West Philadelphia born & raised.."-

This is for the so fresh and so swaggy.

Details: T-shirt, shorts, a pair of Air Jordans, and a cap turned to the back. Make sure you mix prints and use bright colors.

Goodwill and Salvation Army are FULL of Fresh Prince-esque clothes.

If you can think of any other last minute "kind of" costumes for Guys, comment them below!

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