Last Minute Costume Ideas Under $50

October 29, 2014

Hi Loves!

If you haven't figured out what you're going to be for Halloween, what're you waiting for its 48 hours away! Kidding. I have no clue what I'm going to be either LOL. I've been torn between Ultimate Grand Supreme, a baseball player, and a million other things..
 Anywho, here are a some ideas that you can throw together in a hot second.
This Cowgirl costume was super easy to put together because I already had all of the items in my closet. All you need is a cowboy hat, plaid/flannel button up, jean shorts, and cowboy boots.

Hat, $3 | Salvation Army // Plaid Top, $13 | Marshalls // Shorts (Mudd), $4 | Goodwill // Boots (Nine West), $12 | Goodwill

Make-up: Natural look with a light pink lip.
Hair: Straight & Down.
Sidenote: I forgot to put my hair in pigtail braids like I planned to.

French Maid

I totally came across this idea over the weekend when I was curious what 'Citi Trends' was and stumbled in. Upon looking around, I found this French Maid accessory kit for $4!! Now that is a DEAL. You can buy any kind of costume kit, throw on a dress, a pair of heels, and call it a costume.

French Maid Kit, $4 | Citi Trends // Dress, $10 | Ross // Heels, $20 | H&M

Make-up: Natural look with a bright red lip. (Wet N Wild - Stoplight Red)
Hair: Half Down/Half Pinned with a slight tease at the crown.

Half Skull | Half Glam

This costume is my favorite because it's technically not a costume.. All you have to do is do your regular make-up on one side of your face, do skull make-up on the other half, and throw something on.

Dress, $30 | H&m // Heels, $20 | H&M

Make-Up: Self explanatory (Let me know if you'd like a tutorial)
Hair: Half Up, Half Down

Hope you got some ideas and have a safe, fun Halloween!


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