Fall Beauty Trends

October 16, 2013

Hi Loves!

I know it's a little late since we're halfway through Fall already.. But there is still time to rock some of Fall's hottest trends! Check 'em out below :)

2013 Fall Beauty Trends

1. Ankle Cuffs- Funners! Such a fun and non-traditional way to wear jewelry and add some spice to your favorite pumps.

2. Metallic Polish- So hard to choose which metal to paint your nails but so cute once you decide.

3. Knuckle Rings- Rock 'me any way you want to. One on each finger, 5 on one finger; Have fun with this trend.

4. Top Knot- I love me a sloppy top knot! Awesome hairstyle choice to go from work to play.

5. Body Balm- The weather is shifting so make sure you keep your skin moisture and smooth.

6. Burgundy Lipstick- A dark lip is all the rage for Fall and it goes great with every skin tone.

7. Colored Cat Eye- Take the time to figure out what color brings out your eye color best and use whichever color that is to do your cat eye.

8. Fresh Scent- Smell nice and fresh for Fall. Since it's less humid and hot outside you don't want to wear anything too overwhelming.

9. Tight Full Curls- This is my absolute FAVORITE Fall trend! I love curling my hair to the sky; I think it makes any one look fun and youthful.

10. Geometric Nails- Nails decals are the easiest way to go with trend. Unless you're very good at DIY or go to a nail tech.

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