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July 17, 2013

Hi Loves!

I LOVE Summer time, especially since my Birthday is in two weeks! So in honor of Summer 2013, here are this Season's Top 10 Fashion trends with some tips on making it your own..


All White is BIG this summer. I love dressing in one solid color but White makes for such a clean and sophisticated look without putting forth much effort. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down you can't go wrong in All White. Accessorize your all white look with hints of metallic so your outfit will POP.


I know what you're thinking.. Leather in the Summer? Really? YES! Leather does not mean you have to sweat to death, there are lots of ways you can incorporate it into your outfit and look cool (pun intended). If you think leather is too much in the Summer, try a cotton top with leather sleeves.
Leather Summer Style


Prints are popular all year round but Bandana, Floral, Tribal, and Leopard print have gotten ahead of the pack this Summer. Personally, I have close to 20 bandana scarfs in a bunch of colors because I can tie one on easily and head out the door. Wear a matching top and bottom in the same pattern of choice for an innovative twist.
Prints Summer Style

Micro Shorts

Micro shorts are my go to bottoms and I'm so happy these short, shorts have made their come back. Whether you wear a pair that are a solid color, denim wash, ombre, or bleached, throw on a white V-neck and converse for a quick (and cute!) outfit.
Micro Shorts Summer Style


SANDALSSSSS! Can you tell how excited I get about this trend? High, Low, Embellished, or Neutral tone, a pair of high-heeled Sandals will take your outfit to new heights. To make this trend your own, get a pair with a chunky, clear heel.
Sandal Summer Style


Mesh is an awesome to show a little without showing a lot. This trend can be worn in many ways, from the beach to dinner. A great way to ease into wearing mesh is getting an item of clothing with a only a small strip.
Mesh Summer Style

High Waist Shorts

MY FAVORITE TREND THIS SUMMER! High waist shorts are flattering and gives everyone an amazing shape ( plus it makes your butt look good!). Whether you choose to go with distressed, non denim, pastels, or eye-catching high waist shorts, you can't go wrong. Remember, they aren't high waist if they don't, at least, cover your belly button and make sure you get a pair with a bit of a snug fit so it flattens any problem areas.
High Waist Summer Style

Crop Tops

Crop tops don't have to mean baring your entire stomach! Show as much as you are comfortable with. Flounce bikini tops, bralets, cropped t-shirts, and embellished crop tops are a cute fun, twist on this Summer trend. A unique way to rock this trend is to not actually bare your stomach, pair a crop top with high waist shorts/jeans so you can tuck it in or it hangs over the top of your bottoms.
Summer Style: Crop Top

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are a must-have, but it's awesome that it's a trend this Summer because it makes putting outfits together effortless. Mermaid maxi's, maxi's with cutouts, and patterned maxi's are fun fresh takes on this trend. Pair your maxi with a solid tank, and a sleeveless jean jacket to stand out.
Summer Style: Maxi Skirts

Athletic Wear

When I started to see more and more people out with athletic wear on I was ecstatic. Wearing sneakers and shorts and still be fashionable is, I'm sure, every girls dream come true. To "dress up" your sporty chic look, throw on a pair of high-heeled sandals.
Athletic Wear Summer Style

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