Summer Beauty Trends

July 28, 2013

Hi Loves!

I recently blogged about the Top 10 Summer Style Trends and decided to follow up with the Top 10 Summer Beauty Trends :) ENJOY!
Summer Beauty Trends

1. Rihanna for MAC Collection- If you can get your hands on this collection, count your lucky stars because the first batch sold out in an hour.. The bronzer and lipstick shades are must haves for the Summer! The right red "RiRi Woo" is the most popular item!

2. Urban Decay, Make Up Setting Spray- With the summer heat comes lots of sweat so be sure to spritz your face with make-up setting spray to prevent any of make-up from running, smudging, or disappearing. Spray areas on your face that you're prone to sweating in, twice.

3. Hair Chalk- Do something different for the Summer and add some temporary pops of color to your mane. Be sure to buy extra if your hair is a darker shade since it'll take more chalk for the color take.

4. White Lower Lash Liner- Instead of using traditional black or other colors, use white liner for you lower lash line to make your eyes look bigger and less cluttered. Finish the look by coating you bottom lashes with black mascara.

5. White Nails- No matter what color you skin tone is, white nail polish will stand out. To add a little something extra to your monochrome mani, instead of painting one of your nails entirely white leave the nail nude and do a fun design in white.

6. Nude Lipstick- Whether a matte, shimmer, or gloss, nude tones on your lips are a must this Summer. Pair nude lips with bold eye make-up.

7. Braids- Braided updos, Braid bangs, Braided pony's, OH MY! Braids are definitely big this Summer. My favorite braid trend right now are the box braids.

8. Floral Scents- A fresh, clean, floral scent in the Summer time is everything! I've been wearing Rihanna's "Reb'l Fleur" almost every day.

9. Lotion with Sunscreen Protection- It's a two-for! Keep you skin moisturized and protected during these hot Summer days. Aveeno has a great line of lotions that vary in protection and scents.

10. Ombre Nails- Not the traditional ombre you were thinking, I'm sure. Use five different shades from the same color family for a unique ombre. Forever 21 has a set of 5 polishes of the same color family in TONS of shades.

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