How I lost 25 pounds | Part Two

November 24, 2013
Hi Loves!

As promised, here are all the details on my 25 pound (and counting) weight loss journey. If you haven't read 'My 2013 Weight Loss Journey', check it out here.

How I lost 25 pounds | Part One

November 23, 2013

Hi Loves!

As I was scrolling through old photos in my phone, I stumbled upon this photo of myself (left) from January and I almost broke down in tears. That photo documents the largest I have ever been (closer to 200 pounds than I was to 100 pounds). I am so happy that I can look at that photo, now, and know that that's how I looked in the PAST.

It's said that "It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing. It takes 8 weeks for your friends and family. It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world." and that is the absolute truth.

At the end of April, I promised myself that I would stay dedicated for 4 weeks, 4 weeks to eat right, workout, and change a few habits. And if, at the end of the weeks I didn't feel better, look, better, or see any progress I could actively look into Liposuction. I know I know 23 is probably too young for Liposuction but I was that desperate to get those horrid extra pounds off.

Fall Beauty Trends

October 16, 2013
Hi Loves!

I know it's a little late since we're halfway through Fall already.. But there is still time to rock some of Fall's hottest trends! Check 'em out below :)

Kim K. Look for Less

October 15, 2013

Hi Loves!

Here's a little guide on how to achieve the look I recreated yesterday!

I love Kim Kardashian's style (Who doesn't?) especially when she dresses down. I saw this look and put it together in like 2.5 seconds because I already had all of these items in my closet so check out the details and  an outfit blue print below :)

Summer to Fall: Mesh to Nudes

October 1, 2013
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It's the final day of the Summer to Fall trend series, so sad! I've really enjoyed sharing my favorite trends for Fall thus far. Our last S to F trend is switching from Mesh to Nude. I love this trend because you can cover up without looking covered up ;-)

Summer to Fall: Maxi Skirts to Pencil Skirts

September 30, 2013
Hi Loves!

Day 9 of the Summer to Fall series is about the switch from Maxi Skirts to Pencil Skirts. Since I'm short & curvy, Pencil Skirts are my apparel BFF (Not sure if that's even a real thing) because they make me look slimmer and taller.

Summer to Fall: All White to Monochrome

September 29, 2013
Hi Loves!

They say don't wear white after Labor Day but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of a sleek, clean look. Day 8 is all about switching from All White to Monochrome.

Summer to Fall: Micro Shorts to Boyfriend Jeans

September 28, 2013
Hi Loves!

Day 7 of the Summer to Fall Series is, by far, my favorite trend of this season. Boyfriend jeans are so versatile and comfortable that I could literally wear them everyday.

Summer to Fall: Micro Shorts to Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a very tricky buy. When looking for a pair, make sure fit you around the waist, slightly loose around your thighs, and comes in slightly at the hem.

xo, Chrisse

Summer to Fall: Cropped Tops to Cropped Sweaters

September 27, 2013
Hi Loves!

Day 6 of the Summer to Fall series is all about something short and sweet, no not me, Cropped Sweaters! Crop tops have been replaced my cropped sweaters. It's the perfect way to cover up without burning up, since it isn't quite Winter yet!

Summer to Fall: Cropped Tops to Cropped Hoodies

The perfect way to rock this trend is with a pair of distressed skinny jeans and a pair of platform booties.

Summer to Fall: Athletic Wear

September 26, 2013
Hi Loves!

We're officially halfway through the "Summer to Fall" Series! Day 5 is another trend that's transferring from Summer to Fall, Athletic Wear. I ADORE this trend because I can get away with throwing on a pair of jogging pants with a tee and wedge sneakers and look like I put forth effort in getting dressed.

Summer to Fall: Leather

September 25, 2013
Hi Loves!

Time for Day 4 of the "Summer to Fall" Series and it's a trend that actually hasn't gone anywhere, Leather! Yes, Leather is still in but instead of leather shorts and crop tops, it's time for leather pants and jackets.

Summer to Fall: Mixing Prints to Matching Prints

September 24, 2013
Hi Loves!

Day 3 of the "Summer to Fall" Series is all about Prints. I decided to feature 'Nasty Gal' because they're one of my favorite brands and almost all of their prints come in a variety of options from dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear.

Summer to Fall: High Waisted Bottoms

September 23, 2013
Hi Loves!

Day 2 of the Summer to Fall countdown is upon us.. Today we tackle High Waist Bottoms. The Summer was all about high waisted shorts but Fall is all about the long version. Although I am five feet tall, barefoot, I am in LOVE with high waist, wide leg pant because they make me feel like a chic hippie circa 1969.

Summer to Fall: Sandals to Boots

September 22, 2013
Hi Loves!

Can you believe today is the first official day of Fall?! I feel like the Summer FLEW by!

I decided to countdown the first ten days of fall with a "Summer to Fall" fashion trend series. I'll be guiding your closet to Fall bliss with some replacement trends and some tweaked trends. First up is, my personal favorite, SHOES!

Summer Beauty Trends

July 28, 2013
Hi Loves!

I recently blogged about the Top 10 Summer Style Trends and decided to follow up with the Top 10 Summer Beauty Trends :) ENJOY!

Summer Style Trends

July 17, 2013
Hi Loves!

I LOVE Summer time, especially since my Birthday is in two weeks! So in honor of Summer 2013, here are this Season's Top 10 Fashion trends with some tips on making it your own..

Bad Girls Club Season 11

July 16, 2013
Hi Loves!

I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to share the Bad Girls Club Miami Season 11 trailer with you all! As you know, I disappeared for months to work as the Associate Producer on a reality show and I'm so glad I don't have to hint around it anymore :)

The season premieres August 13th on Oxygen at 8/7c. Check out the trailer below

Brushology by

January 1, 2013
Hi Loves!

I have an abundant amount of make-up brushes all essential in one way or another to apply make-up from day to day, my favorite set being from

When it comes time for me to apply my face in front of others I'm often asked "what are you using that for?", "Are you supposed to use that on your face?", "How many things could you possibly need?" in which I reply "my face", "yes", and "these are just the essentials". I get crazy eyes from some and confused shrugs from the rest but go on about my business.

It's too much to explain in one sitting but managed to easily explain the uses for the essential brushes and trinkets in every girls make-up bag. Here is 'Brushology'..

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